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Miss Swan has always had a passion for cooking. Growing up in Chicago's foster care system, Miss Swan learned to love cooking as she learned to take care of herself. Her BBQ recipes are not just celebrated by family and friends, but also by the Kansas City BBQ Society. Now you can enjoy Miss Swan's Perfect BBQ Sauce by either purchasing online or at a local farmers market in the Chicago area! 


Where To Buy

You can find Miss Swan's Perfect BBQ Sauce at local farmers markets in the Chicago area during the summer months, or you can order Miss Swan's Perfect BBQ Sauce online now.

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Award Winning Sauce

My BBQ sauce was voted Top 10 in the nation by the Kansas City BBQ Society. Made in small batches, this sweet and spicy BBQ is perfect for all your favorite foods. Use as a marinade, brush over your cooked vegetables and grilled meats, or use straight from the bottle!

Buy Local

By purchasing Miss Swan's Perfect BBQ Sauce, you will be supporting a woman-owned, minority-owned, Chicago-based small business. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on all of our upcoming events!

 Support the Mission 

A portion of the proceeds from Miss Swan's Perfect BBQ Sauce will be donated to the UCAN Chicago foster care agency to help fund meaningful programs for youth and families who have suffered trauma.

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Have questions about where to buy Miss Swan's Perfect BBQ Sauce or how to support our cause? Drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


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